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must be believed to be seen [userpic]
bpal's Fae perfume oil
by must be believed to be seen (ladykinbote)
at July 15th, 2006 (09:01 pm)

Subject: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Fae
Whassit: a perfume oil for the ladies, by the ladies
Location: BPAL's online store under Bewitching Brews, also probably on ebay
Rating: 88% awesome

Okay guys I promise that not ALL my reviews will be for prissy beauty/bath products. Probably!

A brilliant, ethereal scent: white musk, bergamot, heliotrope, peach and oakmoss. So says the Lab, and I reply:

Overall: This is a very heady, fruity, feminine scent. I wouldn't call it brilliant (except in the genius way) or ethereal... it's definitely a bright scent, but it's very earth-bound and almost kinda primal on me. I never thought I could smell so sexy in something so girly. It's sweet without being cloying, but too heavy for daywear, I think, and definitely too musky for officewear. I like Fae best when I wear it in a smokey place that serves hard cider (which possibly does something to my body chemistry to make Fae, like, the crazy musk/heliotrope double-trouble combo of the 24th and a half century). I've gotten very positive feedback from women while wearing this scent.

Completely nonsensical metaphor description: Fae smells like peach pie filling that's gotten tarted up a bit and had a roll in a flowerbed with someone she fancies.

Ingredients I had to look up: Bergamot is a fresh, floralish citrus. Heliotrope is a vanilla-cherry floral (dudes that totally explains why I was getting 'vanilla' from this scent... but it's a naturey vanilla, not a candy vanilla, which is nice). Oakmoss lends an almost woody undertone to the whole shebang.

In the bottle: Peach! Lots of bright, juicy peach. And... licorice? Something tangy.

Wet on skin/drydown: That tangy licorice-type scent I was getting from the bottle must be the musk. It's rounding out, getting less tangy and more smokey/musky. The peach is receding a bit and the florals are coming forward. Very bright and warm and girly and sexy. I dabbed a bit on my wrists and throat, and MAN it's got some crazy throw. I feel like people are gonna be smelling me for miles. I thought I was being careful about application, but possibly I should be even more careful in the future.

An hour later: Musk. It's all warm, spicy musk with this sweet undertone of fruit & florals. I feel so sexy earth mama in this. The throw is definitely fading, but still present.

3 hours later: The throw is gone... I catch a teensy whiff occasionally, but mostly I have to have my nose an inch away from a contact point in order to smell it. The scent itself is still going pretty strong, though. It's become a little watered-down-smelling in a weirdly literal way... like a bouquet drenched in tapwater. It's not as nice as it was when I first put it on, but it's definitely still pleasant. And warm/spicy. I think the musk lasts longest on me, and everything else is starting to fade out. The peach and heliotrope are definitely mostly gone.

Overnight (like 18 hours later): The scent is still there! There's definitely no throw anymore, but nose-to-wrist, I'm still getting the musk and oakmoss. It's a very dry, spicy/woody scent now -- all that tapwater bouquet stuff is totally gone. Wow this stuff has staying power. If I wanted to put on a different scent, I'd need to scrub this one off first.

Recommended?: Yes! Unless you completely hate all the ingredients. Fae is unusual and lively, but not so odd that it'd be offputting to the general public. It's a very warm and friendly scent, and I think it'd work well on younger and older ladies alike. I'd be interested to see if it goes through the same mutations on other people.