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Astro BioBest Calcium Yogourt
by Tammy Lee (tammylee)
at June 13th, 2007 (02:24 pm)

Astro BioBest Calcium Yogourt

Having recently returned from a vacation where I stuffed my face with hand made chocolates, wood-fired artisan breads, questionable meats, fast food, and pop I was horrified (but not surprised) to see I'd put on a few pounds. Out went my trusty, full fat yogurt and in came the low fat stuff. (I don't try really hard at this dieting thing.)

Now, my delicious Balkan Style regular yogurt is from Astro (and it truly is the most delicious plain yogurt you will ever eat) so I thought how bad could their low fat, flavoured, version be?

Dear people, this is not yogurt. This is a cold bacteria soup! My first impression was that I'd left it out on the counter too long, but no! It had been in the fridge for hours and it was still liquid and soupy. Unperturbed, I put away my spoon and drank it from the container. (Oh hush! My office has a door on it. No one needed to see.)

It's tasty in that it tastes like the picture on the container says it should. The strawberry is really quite nice, I wish YOP could have made a strawberry this tasty. There are chunks of strawberries (or peaches in the peach yogurt but no vanilla in the vanilla yogurt) that I think are actually strawberries!

Checking the list of ingredients I am baffled at how this yogurt could be so soupy with so much stuff in it! There is both cellulose gum AND cellulose gel in this thing! For someone who is used to her yogurt only having two ingredients, milk products and active bacteria, it seems strange. I see that strawberries are the second ingredient right after modified milk ingredients tho, so chances are these ARE real strawberries and not just tarted up bits of gelatin.

BUT this yogurt has stuff my regular stuff doesn't! After all, it's called BioBest CALCIUM. Right, well, doesn't all yogurt have calcium in it by virtue of being made from milk? Silly buggers. At least they give it a shot of Vitamins B2 & B12.

Location: Your local supermarket. I get mine from IGA.
Rating: As a cold soup, pretty tasty! As a yogurt? Failed to meet texture expectations. No need for a spoon if you are a bit adventurous. Three fermented batches of milk products out of five.