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Reviews! Of stuff!!

We Review Stuff
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Hi! Here at we_review_stuff, we review stuff! Yes, this is a haven for all you consumer whores valuable members of our capitalist society who like hearing themselves type want to share their pertinent purchasing experiences with others.

Everyone is welcome to join! We like members! Here are some other things that we like, which should be kept in mind while participating in this community:

1) We like knowing wtf you're talking about. If you're gonna post a review about stuff, make sure to mention what it is, whether it's good or bad, and where others could find it. Also, informative weblinks and pictures are always appreciated! A good format to start your posts with would be this:

Subject (what is this particular stuff called?)
Brief Description (what kind of stuff is it?)
Location (where can it be obtained?)
Rating (on a scale of one to awesome--or whatever)
Review! (consider using an lj-cut to conserve space and sanity if your review is longer than like four paragraphs)

2) We like many many types of stuff, including but not limited to the stuff listed in our Interests below. That means that anything goes around here. Post reviews about anything and everything you wanna share with the livejournal masses! Note: This does extend to alcohol, pornography, and other stuff that may not be appropriate for consumption by kids under a certain age. However, if you'd like to review anything like that, please a) be of an appropriate age to consume it in your area, and b) lock the post to Friends Only.

3) We like not being grossed out. Please be respectful of your readers! We don't mind R+ rated language, huge pictures, or frank discussion about impolite topics, but keep anything potentially offensive/annoying under an lj-cut and warn everyone what's inside. A guideline: If it can't air on basic cable, put it behind a cut. [You can learn how to make an lj-cut here!]

4) We like (relatively polite) discussion. Have a point, counterpoint, or alternative product suggestion to make regarding someone else's review? Please, do so! But do so intelligently and respectfully.

5) We like sending rabid, spoon-wielding badgers after people who piss the Mod off. This one should be self-explainitory and considered a warning. ^_^

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