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Pesha [userpic]
TV on DVD: The Dead Zone
by Pesha (pesha)
at July 12th, 2006 (09:27 am)
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Subject: Television Series on DVD
Specifics: The Dead Zone from Lions Gate Films
Brief Description: Seasons 1-4 on dvd
Location: I got mine from Sam's Club, but you can basically get it from any store that has a decent entertainment department
Rating: 75% Awesome

Okay, so the series is fabulous. I love love love this show. It's based on a moderately decent older Stephen King novel but takes it wayyy beyond to make every character sterling. I love the way that Johnny just breaks my heart every time he seems to fall back in love with poor lost Sarah.

Brief synopsis of the series: Johnny Smith has known Sarah his whole life, on the night he asks her to marry him, he wrecks his car and winds up in a coma. Six years later, he wakes up to find his world totally different. Johnny now has the ability to touch things and see the future or things that are intrinsic to the owner of the object. It's pretty amazing to watch and an excellent spin on the whole detective thing.

This isn't really a review of the show itself per se so much as a review of the DVD release.

I'm an ardent collector of TV on DVD because I work so many hours and I'm a full time student and I'm doing my externship. I simply don't have time to watch regularly scheduled television. I buy whole sets at once and become mildly obsessive for a while. It works well. It makes me a pretty good connouiseur of DVD quality too.

For The Dead Zone, I would highly recommend extreme caution in buying the sets on DVD because apparently it's the worst DVD release in history. People have expressed quality issues with getting disks to work from seasons 1 through 4.

Personally, I got lucky and only had defective disks in my Season Three set, but it's the entire set. Per Lions Gate Films, the white line I'm experiencing during viewing of the sets on my dvd player is from a mixed up mix which causes the screen to be off by one pixel in every panel; this results in a wavy white line at the top of the screen. It's very very annoying. Luckily, I got in contact with Lions Gate Films through the number listed on their forums about defective disks and they sent me a prompt response and are shipping me a new set of disks to replace mine.

Some other issues that arose in the disk quality include everything from inability to access any menu functions other than "Play Episode" (this removes all ability to play any of the special features or commentary) and wrong regional encoding so your set might not play on a non-Universal disk player.

Personally, I love the series enough (and find it cheap enough at roughly $23/season) to warrant buying it and taking my chances at bad copies.

If you're a new fan though, it might be in your best interest to NetFlix it first before putting yourself in the line of fire, so to speak.


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Posted by: Pesha (pesha)
Posted at: July 12th, 2006 06:01 pm (UTC)
Kiss: green_monster13

*laughs* Thank you. I'm highly entertained with his thinking cap look.

Posted by: must be believed to be seen (ladykinbote)
Posted at: July 12th, 2006 09:08 pm (UTC)

Man, what's up with TV series' DVDs being so wonky? I received the complete Buffy last Jewmas, and at least one disc out of every six is all like, "oh you wanted to WATCH this? LOLZ." Shouldn't they be like y'know testing these things before they sell them?

It's rad that they're sending replacements though! Possibly I should call Fox or whoever and see about getting my bad discs replaced.

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