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by Tammy Lee (tammylee)
at July 28th, 2006 (08:51 am)

Subject: Breakfast at McDonald's
Brief Description: Hashbrowns, Sausage Egg McMuffin, Yoghurt Parfait, Orange juice
Location: McDonald's
Rating: Two greasy spoons out of five

Okay, I suppose I could have gone for toast at the deli but a part of me was thinking, 'Hmmmm if I eat something substantial and a bit greasy I'll be filled up until mid afternoon when it is snack time and I won't have to worry about the fact I forgot to pack a lunch today' but another part of me was screaming, 'AIEEEEEEEEEEE'. I should have listened to the panicked screaming.

Hashbrowns: Crispy on the outside, slimy and wierd on the inside. Dipped in baby whale fat then deep fried. Grease had soaked through the paper 'container' by the time I got to work. Two bites were all I could manage.

Sausage Egg McMuffin: I had vague memories of enjoying one of these last winter. Obviously my mind was blocking out the trauma. Is sausage supposed to have a metallic tang to it? The english muffin bit was dry and chewy but the grease from the sausage helped it slide down. It wasn't as horrible as the hashbrowns but I sort of feel like I need to purge now. Or find a priest.

Yoghurt n berry parfait: Yoghurt should not taste like cheesecake. Blueberries should not have skins like sunbaked old ladies. *shiver* The texture of the yoghurt was firm and gelatinous; I wouldn't be surprised if there was gelatin in it but it wasn't an unpleasant texture. I couldn't finish this one either but at least I'm fairly confident it was sort of healthy for me.

Orange juice: Kudos for Minute Maid! I'm relatively sure this was real orange juice and it was very delicious. Two thumbs up for the orange juice! I drank it all!


Posted by: must be believed to be seen (ladykinbote)
Posted at: July 29th, 2006 01:16 am (UTC)

hahaha... I get a hideous craving for fast food breakfast about twice a year, and that's what I usually get (minus the parfait and plus cheese on the sausage egg sandwich. And usually a biscuit instead of the english muffin thingy, the biscuits are greasier but yummier). It's always rad at the moment, but I always feel kinda urpy and disappointed with myself afterwards.

I've been wondering about those parfaits! Now I think I'll avoid them.

Anyone know any fast food chains that do ungross breakfast? I have happy memories of Whataburger breakfasts, but probably that was 'cause I was always drunk when I got them. And could order a vanilla malt with them. >_>

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